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All About Love: The Art of Crafting Love Poetry 


A Sinister Wisdom Writing Workshop With Marlee Miller

This workshop will focus on the age-old tradition of crafting love poems. People have written extensively about love since the beginning of time. So how do we write about a subject in a way that resonates if it’s the most popular one being explored by artists in any medium? In this workshop, we will do exercises that respond to the different experiences and sensations associated with love in all the various forms it comes in. In many ways, the English language is limited in its vocabulary for all the different types of love that exist. Whether it be platonic, romantic, familial, or even a love one might have for a physical place...that’s where our writing comes in. This workshop will be led by Marlee Miller. She is a writer and performance artist who draws inspiration for her work from love, dreams, social justice, mental illness, and the process of exploring identity. Marlee is a VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation) alum and her love poems have appeared in Issue 117 of Sinister Wisdom. Register here. 

Fascinated By Love: Interview with Marlee Miller

An interview with Marlee Miller and Kristy Lin Billuni. In this interview Marlee discusses what and who inspires her to write. You can check it out here.